OUR STORY - Highland Queen Scotch Whisky

The History

Created in 1893 by Roderick Macdonald, Highland Queen whisky has a long, rich heritage.

He was renowned as a Master blender, and he went on to acquire the Glenmorangie Distillery in 1918, to provide the whisky for Highland Queen.

His company was called Macdonald and Muir Ltd.

Originating in Leith, the Highland Queen blend was named having taken inspiration from the port of Leith’s association with Mary Queen of Scots who landed there from France in 1561. Mary reigned until 1567 when she attempted an uprising against Elisabeth I of England.
Elisabeth imprisoned Mary, and in 1587 she was tried and executed. To this day Mary is one of Scotland's most emblematic figures.

By the height of the blended whisky boom in the 1970s, Highland Queen was sold in almost every global market and is still enjoyed in over 80 countries around the world.

Today the brand is the official blend of Tullibardine Distillery in the Scottish Highlands, owned by Terroirs Distillers.
They are one of the few remaining independent Scotch whisky distillers.

At the heart of Highland Queen is an uncompromising focus on craftmanship and care. The result is an exceptionally high-quality blended whisky, with a well-rounded, smooth finish.

"In 1893 my Grandfather, Roderick Macdonald, created the
Highland Queen blend. At first he sold Highland Queen to his fellow
Scots but then went further by travelling and selling to countries
overseas. He believed that there were tremendous opportunities for a
quality scotch blend not only during his lifetime but beyond.

To this day the Highland Queen company has embraced
his vision and I am sure will continue to do so in the future."

David Macdonald, past owner of Macdonald & Muir Ltd

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